Duomo, Pavia - July 04, 2015 -This time I was walking the "Via Francigena" passing through the city of Pavia, in Italy!
Via Francigena is the famous italian way to Rome, the italian pilgrimage; stopping here in the evening I just though: "why not to sketch the Duomo? it's so beautiful!"
So... here we are, enjoy it!-

La Favorita, Valdagno (VI) - 2015  -Just a little tribute to my little, beautiful town! This is the main park, enjoy it-
St. Simeon Piccolo, Venice, Italy - 2015 -A sketch just on vacation! Enjoy it-
Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Spain - July 22, 2013 -Sketch "live" from the main square of Santiago de Compostela, the end of the Camino,
the place that all pilgrims dream all days and nights during "the Way", the place where they stop!
And where I stopped mine too.
A "plaza" where so many emotions meat each other, so full of different feelings..
a square where simply most of people cry.. for joy! So, enjoy it-

Guitar Project

Guitars on commission
New guitar (bad copy): Mexican style Hope you like it

New guitar, first commission: Map-Guitar Hope you like it

Just a try, a sort of tattoed old and broken guitar. A mix of different styles just to try and see the results. Maybe someone would like a mix, maybe someone esle a guitar full of leaves, seomeone the wind rose only, someone esle could say "it's a shit" but who cares!
This is the work-in-progress

If you'd like to have one, you know how to contact me!

Vario, Various, Illustrations & Comics

Painting time summer 2014

Drawing for friends 2013 17/12/2013 DRAWING FOR A CONTEST
L'ESEMPIO DEL TRIFOGLIO (tavola per concorso)
Un piccolo tributo a questa specie immaginaria (o no?) che tanto mi piace!
Un filmatino (24 minuti!) sulla "creazione" di una vignetta. Il tutto per una mostra dove esporrò un po' di tavole. Enjoy it (purtroppo per oscuri motivi la prima parte si vede molto in piccolo.. scusate...)

La Croce dei Disperati

Storie reali, storie di ordinaria follia, fatti realmente accaduti,
uniti insieme per creare qualcosa di extra-ordinario! Un fumetto cretino per un "amico" cretino.